User-sourced classifications. Dynamic content inspection. Image control. Whitelisting. The list goes on. NetSafe is backed by robust technologies.



With our true direct-to-cloud powerhouse services, your Internet safety is as mobile as you are. No latency, no stutter, and available everywhere.



Built in collaboration with the world’s leading tech firms, our Internet control solutions aptly address the particular sensitivities of the kosher market.



We believe that a solution is more than just a products catalog. The NetSafe platform boasts in-page support and a service team unmatched in the industry.


Utmost Protection Without Compromising Your Privacy.



Internet safety is achievable in many ways, but they are not all created equal. NetSafe is built around the same advanced technologies used by tech giants that serve governmental agencies, the financial industry, and companies with upwards of 100,000 employees. To achieve accurate classifications of web sites and Internet content, teams of multilingual developers hand-compile categorization information, crowd-sourced from millions of users around the world. The second security layer features real-time page reading and dynamic content inspection, sifting through the World Wide Web while you are on online, intelligently controlling the content you don’t want on your screen.

Another breakthrough feature is what we call Image Control. Lesser Internet screening services completely block any images that may contain something you don’t wish to see. Inevitably, the browsing experience suffers greatly. We addressed this issue by choosing the right technology for the job. Given that you may need some of the image or images on the screen, our fine-tuned image-reading algorithms simply overlay them with a monochrome layer of customizable intensity. This essentially eliminates anything undesirable within the images, while allowing you to go on with your online business uninterrupted.

An override feature is also built in, allowing you to request for the images to be displayed in their original form.


The connected world is increasingly shifting its focus to cloud-based security solutions to simplify technicalities, reliability, scalability and cost. Some companies offer so-called “cloud” security by simply connecting one of their appliances online, but at NetSafe we believe that a true access-everywhere solution must by built from the ground up expressly for cloud computing. We have partnered with the biggest names in cloud security to offer the very best available today.

What do you get with our direct-to-cloud Internet security solutions?

  • Advanced protection and control on any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Tight security and application-specific control of cloud applications.
  • Protective data inspection of all your Internet traffic with no latency.
  • Reliable performance on par with any standard Internet connection.

NetSafe’s cloud network is especially viable for enterprise organizations, enabling them to replace many different security products with a single cloud-based security solution. It requires no additional hardware or software installs, and is endlessly scalable without the need for an in-house IT technician.


For the Orthodox Jewish community at large, Internet security and safety entail more than they do for the secular world. Religious values need protection as much as business data does. Educational materials need proper screening. And each community may have their individualized yardstick for what Internet content is and isn’t acceptable.

With that said, it is simple to understand that the kosher market needs a unique online screening tool. It must be powered by the modern IT world – yet capable of addressing this market’s nuanced needs. NetSafe is very much in line with such considerations. From the get-go, our products and services have been developed around the best offers in the world of online security. We then invested time, money and a whole lot of effort to customize them with a strict set of standards in form of accurate controls, unparalleled customization abilities, and advanced screening parameters that encompass the many issues to which the Jewish market is sensitive.

Our partner companies awarded us with administrative tools to further refine and expand the capabilities of these remarkable solutions. With complete control over blacklisting and whitelisting, we are able to intelligently allow access to sites – including those with Hebrew/Yiddish content – which we've “cleaned up” to the point where visitors will be kept away from inappropriate content. These include news sites, discussion boards, religious forums, gossip sites, Jewish music and multimedia sites, educational materials, social networks and photo/video content.

For users that are part of a kehila and are inclined to follow the guidelines set for them, we offer our custom-designed Kehila Filter. Every kehila can set their own policies as well as rule-and-action sequences that make for a highly customized safety and screening solution. Registered members then have the right to request certain clearances and temporary overrides directly from a restriction notification page, and NetSafe can immediately implement such overrides.


When you have an amazing product lineup, you back it up with the best, most reliable support staff available to you. NetSafe does just that with a full customer service and technical support team, available to users at the touch of a button.

With live chat, from-page ticketing, immediate temporary overrides and clearances, as well as the quickest response times for all general problem solving, the NetSafe support staff makes the best Internet security and safety tools even more useable, even more approachable, and even more viable as the number one all-around solution to online screening and content control.


NetSafe Personal

Our NetSafe filter is set For you To choose personalized settings based on your Internet needs. So tell us where you do and don’t want to go on the Information Highway, and we’ll keep the roads clear. Give us your map, and our Single-System Filter will remove all time-killing detours.

NetSafe business

NetSafe Business gives you full control of all computers in your office, everyone will have access to the sites they need but not more. our Technology keeps your information secure, and keeps you and your employee’s away from distractible sites. Be in control with NetSafePro.

NetSafe Enterprise

You mean business. As does NetSafe! Employing our proprietary Enterprise Filter as a total security and screening solution that’s been uniquely designed for corporate institutions that handle their own IT. Gain secure, unfettered access to the world of e-commerce while suspending any undesired web activity – all with the help of a powerful content inspection and control platform that never interferes with your business browsing, checkout carts or administrative tools.


They know what they’re doing.

To build the solid foundation on which the NetSafe platform is based, we formed a working partnership with the companies and tech
firms listed here. With proven track records in global sales of the world’s leading technology security solutions, our partners are universally
acclaimed as the foremost designers and developers of 21-century-ready Internet safety and content control tools.

Enhancements Provided By ESEQ Tech

They know what they want.

These governmental agencies, financial institutions and corporate outfits trust our technology partners with the bulk of their security
needs. For Internet-focused organization like these, few things are as critical as absolute online security and the customized control of
their Web traffic. NetSafe chose to partner with their providers for this reason exactly – if they are satisfied, so are we.


Ever since the introduction of Internet “filtering”, we’ve been hearing the same unenthusiastic response. The complexities
involved, the negative effect on connection speeds and reliability, as well as the overall feeling of lockdown and limitation,
disheartened users so much that many have chosen to forgo the Internet “filter” altogether.

NetSafe believes differently:
It’s not about restriction. It’s about empowerment.

We set out to design, develop and implement Internet security and safety solutions that empower users in their everyday
business. Rather than stand in your way, NetSafe keeps your route free of obstacles and disturbances. When you
need to access the World Wide Web, rely on NetSafe to keep you from getting entangled.

This company has been built by a group of
experienced Jewish business people
in collaboration with
the world’s leading tech firms.

Two years of intensive research and development have boiled down to our three impeccable offers: Personal Filter,
Enterprise Filter and Kehila Filter. We are proud to present them to you today as the very best and most advanced
customizable Internet control products available to any market, anywhere in the world.

At a point in time when even the irreligious markets understand the need for Internet screening and inspection,
NetSafe is at the forefront, empowering users to go about their business with the knowledge that they are doing
the right thing – the right way.


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